Thank you for booking kidz farm.  Please read through the information below regarding your upcoming visit. We will bring a copy with us on the day for you to sign.

Following current government guidelines, gatherings of up to 30 people are allowed to meet outdoors whilst maintaining social distancing with minimal 10 minute contact.

We will try our very best to offer the continued professional and fun kidz farm experience whilst complying with current government guidelines. This may involve limiting the number of people allowed within our gazebo set up at any time.

As the organiser you have the responsibility of ensuring that all attendees are fit and well with no symptoms of coronavirus. Kidz farm will take all reasonable steps to ensure attendees will have minimal contact with staff.

Kidz farm staff sanitise all equipment between visits and also supply a mobile sink unit for hand washing before and after any contact. We also supply a mobile automatic hand sanitisation unit containing 70% alcohol gel throughout our set up in addition to non-alcohol sanitiser gel still covering cryptosporidium for any participants who may be sensitive or reactive to alcohol gels. Everyone entering or exiting the kidz farm set up will be encouraged to use all hand sanitising and washing facilities supplied by our staff.

In some cases we will erect barriers to form a queuing system to ensure distancing is adhered to. Any contact will be minimal and less than 10 minutes as detailed in the current guidelines. At this time, Kidz farm will only set up outdoors and no indoor visits will be facilitated. Outdoor provides an open, airy environment with good ventilation which is recommended by the government.

Kidz farm has undertaken covid 19 safety training. Our staff have the option to wear face coverings and gloves – As it is not mandatory at present, many choose not to.  Please make a member of staff aware if you would like us to wear PPE.

Covid 19 risk assessment available on request.

If you or any attendees have any questions or concerns about our set up then please do not hesitate to email or of course call us on 07732788137 to discuss.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.