Kidz farm is a mobile farm set up in 2014 aimed to bring the farm experience on the road as a mobile experience, originally set up to cater for small birthdays and gatherings.

We quickly realised that there was a thirst for this service among schools, community groups, events, nursing homes etc – we have taken the mobile farm and shared our story into many interesting places.

Through our love of animals, myself, my wife, along with our kids Alex, Amy, Ryan and Jessica started with just 2 pet guinea pigs and a pet rabbit, but soon expanded and included many more animals into the kidz farm family.

Originally from a farming background and keeping a few Dorset sheep, Nubian goats and Pygmy goats it was not a difficult decision to expand our herds. When our kids requested a donkey, ponies and alpacas – we got them all! My wife always says she never knows what I’m going to come home with next!!

Our mobile farm is a daily adventure for both us and all the people involved and hope to continue this over this year to make the mobile farm experience enjoyable for everyone.

6Kenny of Kidz Farm with one of our miniature donkey’s Legend and kids having great fun!