More about the Animals!


Meet Diva

She is our French Lop giant rabbit. She is nearly two years old. She
likes to eat spinach and trying to burrow out of her hutch.


Meet Rosie and Daisy

They are Netherland dwarf rabbits, one of the smallest breeds of
rabbits. They love to play hid and seek and eat their vegetables with
Diva in the morning.


Meet Honey and Pickles

Honey and Pickles are our 2 male guinea pigs. They love their fresh veg
which they get every morning.


Meet Gonzo, Dotty and Gizmo

They are our three pet lambs. They love drinking their hot milk
before bed at night.


Meet Legend

Legend is our 3 year old miniature donkey. He loves hugs and lots of
attention. He is very friendly and loves attending parties.